The Factory began its journey to combat retail monotony as an independent project founded in 2013.  Its vision is to develop an alternative to mainstream malls and retail outlets. The Factory is a unique destination in the heart of Norwood, within walking distance of Houghton, located on the Corner of Grant Ave and Nellie Road that promotes arts, crafts, design and music. It is a venue that hosts a variety of artistic exhibitions, functions and events, in collaboration with performing artists, craftsmen and women as well as retail direct to the public. While we hope to continue attracting some of the top exponents, it is also our intention to have fun and provide a platform for new and emerging talent too.

The Factory is a place to meet and enjoy, to be inspired and to share ideas over breakfast, lunch or supper. We don’t want a static venue and hope that it evolves over time and we also plan to have regular changes in themes and moods to keep it alive and interesting.

Events venue



It is a new beginning for a street that was once cooler than bell bottoms

Times Live


Stuff happening

Live Jazz and other music

Come and join us for our live Jazz music monthly. Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thefactoryongrant/ for more detail! Its fun, its interactive, and it’s outdoors (weather permitting)…

Food and Drink

Crafters Bar

Crafters rooftop bar for a chilled vibe and voted one of  the best rooftop spaces in Johannesburg.

Food and Drink


The Factory on Grant Restaurant is situated on the corner of 72 Grant and Nellie Roads, kitchen open from 07:00 until at least 09:30… Home away from home, Sunday spit braai’s, amazing outdoor courtyard… Call us on 011-483 1398