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Today’s generation requires places where we can work, create and network. This makes co – working spaces awesome. The only thing is, who wants to work in an office cubicle?

Exactly, we thought so to.

So we created working spaces that are relaxed, comfortable and encourage creativity. Multiple seating styles, private call rooms and oh, did we mention, 420 friendly.

Smoking and working is a way of life all over the world, but when co-workers look at you skeef, and others think cannabis makes you lazy, we forget to be ourselves.

OUR MISSION: To dismantle the negative stigma behind cannabis. So join us in a work space where you can be yourself. Take fifteen minutes, pause, experience calm. Then take a hit.


The entrepreneur needs a space that is conducive to creating. That means comfortable, stimulating and inviting.

01  create

To be creative you really need to be in an environment that stimulates those juices.

03  comfortable

Different seating options give you choice. A formal desk or a lounger – you decide.

03  community

The importance of a community is not lost upon us. Its members only and we expect a communitive spirit.

4Twenty Friendly

We are 420 friendly (of course) but realise we do not always want to work in a smoke filled environment. So we have smokerooms with comfortable seating and extraction.


Welcome to our joint


Join our private space by choosing a membership.

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Safe comfortable spaces. A community of like minded free spirited entrepreneurs.


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